Bring your office space to life with original art

Great art creates a sense of well-being, and boosts productivity on the work floor. Our art is sold to corporate businesses, and is also decorating walls in hotels and hospitals around the world.  

Office spaces require a different kind of art compared to private homes. Usually the sizes are much bigger, and often color schemes are more subdued. Most businesses are looking for abstract art, or clean photography. Our collection of abstract art and beautiful photography offers a variety of corporate styles, suitable for large open spaces and executive board rooms. We have helped clients from different parts of the world in acquiring tailor-made art. Have a look at a selection of our projects below.

Interested to see how we could decorate your business with art? Just send us a picture of the space and we make a digital sketch based on your wishes (no strings attached). Get in touch with us today.

New office in The Hague

A large corporate business was looking for art to decorate their brand new office in The Hague. Ronald delivered 15 artworks, in various sizes and color schemes – creating a different atmosphere in every room.

Hospital in Tokyo

A Japanese design agency acquired several pieces to decorate the large hallways of a Tokyo hospital.

Private office in Köln

A German MD wanted to bring some color in her private office. She had already purchased from Ronald for her home, and wanted to decorate her office with the same abstract style.

Hospital in The Hague

A benefactor wanted to show his appreciation to the HAGA hospital in The Hague, and donated Ronald’s art to the department that treated him. Several of their treatment rooms were enhanced with original paintings.

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